Married in Vegas


When one of my closest friends decided to get married in Vegas I could barely contain myself with excitement……Naturally I conjured up all sorts of images in my ‘way too excited head’ of what it was going to be like…… Images of movies watched and debaucherous stories told.  I began to count down the days, and by the time I arrived in ‘Las Vegas’ I knew Missy and Aaron had made the perfect choice!  A small intimate wedding with their closest friends and family in a city that has a rhythm all of it’s own.
It’s hard to believe 2 years has nearly passed since you 2 were married in the desert.  So much has happened, and you’ve welcomed a new baby boy into the world!  Missy and Aaron thank you for letting me photograph your story in Vegas.   I’ll never forget the belly clutching laughs (mainly thanks to Kent) and the most perfect few days with amazing friends.