New Arrival


I am so happy you have found each other. There is simply nothing better than witnessing your friend in love.
Alissa and Mark, you are simply perfect for each other, I don’t quite have the words to express just how happy it makes me to see you two together…….Maybe that’s why I’m a photographer, and not a writer!
I can’t WAIT to meet this beautiful baby.


ALissa-Mark-341-T ALissa-Mark-342 ALissa-Mark-345 2015-12-15_0011ALissa-Mark-357 2015-12-15_00102015-12-15_0004 2015-12-15_0005ALissa-Mark-378-T ALissa-Mark-095 ALissa-Mark-104 2015-12-15_0013 2015-12-15_0014ALissa-Mark-385ALissa-Mark-386ALissa-Mark-028-TALissa-Mark-068-TALissa-Mark-080ALissa-Mark-219-TALissa-Mark-189ALissa-Mark-2332015-12-15_00012015-12-15_00032015-12-15_0007ALissa-Mark-313-T2015-12-15_0009ALissa-Mark-285ALissa-Mark-301-TALissa-Mark-456

Nick & Sally

When Sally walks into a room, you can’t help but smile.  Her contagious smile and infectious laugh are enough to brighten ANYONES day and give you warm fuzzies!  Nick matches Sally in every possible way, the smile, his enthusiasm for life ….. Together, they are an unstoppable force.  They are soul mates in every sense!  Best friends for over ten years, this is one marriage I know will last forever. Married at the most perfect location, Mount Soho Winery Queenstown, it might have been close to freezing, but these guys are tough! …. ready to take on the world.
Nick and Sally, photographing  your wedding was one of the greatest honours I have had….surrounded by the most loving family and friends, I simply don’t have the words to express how special you both are, and how EPIC your day was! So THANK YOU!  It’s gonna be tough to beat this one!
Enjoy those beautiful beaches in The Seychelles! Emma xx 2015-07-27_0003 Shoes by Jimmy Choo (a favourite of Sally’s), and stunning bouquets of green and white by the ladies from The Flower Room Queenstown2015-07-27_00042015-07-27_0009A mother daughter bond like no-other…..Livi you melt my heart!
Sally dressed to kill in a dress by Spanish designer Enzoani2015-07-27_00452015-07-27_0008The girls makeup and hair by the talented ladies from Beauty on Demand

2015-07-27_0011Is that the look of a happy man in LOVE or what?2015-07-27_0014 2015-07-27_00152015-07-27_00162015-07-27_0018Mount Soho, you really outdid yourself! What a venue! Thank you Ed for keeping the rain at bay!2015-07-27_00192015-07-27_00202015-07-27_00462015-07-27_00222015-07-27_0023The girls wore stunning royal blue dresses by Jenny Packham, close to freezing temperatures and bone chilling winds didn’t stop these girls from having fun! 2015-07-27_0042This beautiful girl stole the hearts of so many with the warmest, caring heart you’ve ever seen, and one of the most amazing singing voices I’ve heard!  Look out Britain’s Got Talent!!2015-07-27_0044SallyWeddingBrenizer2015-07-27_00272015-07-27_00282015-07-27_00292015-07-27_00302015-07-27_00312015-07-27_00322015-07-27_00402015-07-27_00372015-07-27_00342015-07-27_00352015-07-27_00392015-07-27_0041Again, a HUGE thank you to everyone who made this day possible!

VENUE: Mount Soho Winery Queenstown
SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER: Rach from Swift & Click
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Ashlee Kellett from Beauty On Demand Auckland
CATERING & CAKE: Chef Brendan and The Flower Room
MC: Bruce Young

Miami Engagement

This recent engagement session was one of my all time favourites.  Heather and Scott are seriously fun to be around and just a dream to photograph, they really made my job pretty easy!  Another couple who met on a yacht in the Caribbean, locked eyes, and a few years later are about to tie the knot!
We started our day at Vizcaya museum and gardens, a setting where every step is a feast for the eyes, and transports you somewhere other than Miami.  We ended the day in the funky Wynwood art district,  where graffiti artists make your mouth drop with their crazy good talent!
Congratulations again Heather and Scott!




Caribbean Lovin’

This is Davey & Stephy, an amazing couple who I get to work and travel the world with every day!
We decided to take a little boat ride one weekend to Water Island and took some images, having loads of fun in the process!  Thank you Davey & Stephy for putting your complete trust in me and allowing me to capture your beautiful relationship.
Thanks also to Jadyn Mcleod Makeup for enhancing Stephanie’s true beauty!



StephDavey-649-T-T-61CaribbeanStephDavey-440-43CaribbeanStephDavey-310-36 StephDavey-555-T-55 StephDavey-473-47 StephDavey-459-45 StephDavey-328-T-T-39StephDavey-313-38 StephDavey-170-11StephDavey-190-16StephDavey-160-9StephDavey-627-T-57 11 111stStephDavey-078-T-T-1 StephDavey-285-T-32StephDavey-308-34StephDavey-225-23StephDavey-080-T-2 StephDavey-262-27StephDavey-257-26 222222StephDavey-097-T-5 StephDavey-217-22 StephDavey-214-21 StephDavey-542-T-54 StephDavey-540-52  StephDavey-505-T-48StephDavey-453-44

Jinky Art Workshop, Texas


A child’s imagination runs free.  Free from constraint, free from doubt, free from limited belief.  Without hesitation, they dance, they eagerly run, they fall…..They get back up.  When a child uses their imagination, they learn best, they are their happiest.  Let’s never take that away from them, for we have so much to learn.

Someone who embraces this concept and brings absolute beauty and artistic vision to her photography is Barb Uil of Jinky Art Photography. Barb is a world renowned photographer from Australia who I have admired for a few years now.  Recently she did a tour of America, hosting workshops in a few different States.  When I heard she was going to be close by I immediately booked a flight to Texas (along with my boots and hat!)   Barb allowed us into her extremely talented and creative mind and heart, and showed us a little bit of her magic.  We gained a wealth of knowledge, and had an absolute blast in the process!
Thank you Barb, and also a huge thank you to the people helping behind the scenes……Lori, Gina, Bonnie+Gabe, Greer Farm, and our beautiful models… Celeste, Jones, Emma, Candace, Briley, Maddison+Joplin.

celeste celeste2 untitled-shoot-293buntitled-shoot-158

The amazing and talented Bonnie and Gabe from Two Creative Birds showing us some of their magic….untitled-shoot-417untitled-shoot-190Sweet and devine Briley Grace

untitled-shoot-226-emmawilletts Untitled_Panorama1-emmawillettsuntitled-shoot-091 untitled-shoot-027

Sweet Candace


The beautiful free spirit Edeuntitled-shoot-053-Recovered-Recovered

untitled-shoot-056untitled-shoot-154-2untitled-shoot-203-emmawillettsuntitled-shoot-230 untitled-shoot-057 untitled-shoot-072-2 untitled-shoot-075

untitled-shoot-084-2untitled-shoot-135-2Emma after our photoshoot with her Mommy :)

untitled-shoot-088 untitled-shoot-521-emmawilletts

The one and only spunky amazing “Jones”

chooksmomentuntitled-shoot-497-emmawillettsuntitled-shoot-241-emmawilletts untitled-shoot-247-emmawillettsuntitled-shoot-147-2 untitled-shoot-258untitled-shoot-142-2untitled-shoot-257 untitled-shoot-374-2 untitled-shoot-390-2-emmawilletts untitled-shoot-434-emmawilletts untitled-shoot-467-emmawilletts untitled-shoot-479-emmawillettsbubsuntitled-shoot-149-2 untitled-shoot-150 untitled-shoot-152 untitled-shoot-157 untitled-shoot-050-T