Miami Engagement

This recent engagement session was one of my all time favourites.  Heather and Scott are seriously fun to be around and just a dream to photograph, they really made my job pretty easy!  Another couple who met on a yacht in the Caribbean, locked eyes, and a few years later are about to tie the knot!
We started our day at Vizcaya museum and gardens, a setting where every step is a feast for the eyes, and transports you somewhere other than Miami.  We ended the day in the funky Wynwood art district,  where graffiti artists make your mouth drop with their crazy good talent!
Congratulations again Heather and Scott!




Caribbean Lovin’

This is Davey & Stephy, an amazing couple who I get to work and travel the world with every day!
We decided to take a little boat ride one weekend to Water Island and took some images, having loads of fun in the process!  Thank you Davey & Stephy for putting your complete trust in me and allowing me to capture your beautiful relationship.
Thanks also to Jadyn Mcleod Makeup for enhancing Stephanie’s true beauty!



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Married in Vegas


When one of my closest friends decided to get married in Vegas I could barely contain myself with excitement……Naturally I conjured up all sorts of images in my ‘way too excited head’ of what it was going to be like…… Images of movies watched and debaucherous stories told.  I began to count down the days, and by the time I arrived in ‘Las Vegas’ I knew Missy and Aaron had made the perfect choice!  A small intimate wedding with their closest friends and family in a city that has a rhythm all of it’s own.
It’s hard to believe 2 years has nearly passed since you 2 were married in the desert.  So much has happened, and you’ve welcomed a new baby boy into the world!  Missy and Aaron thank you for letting me photograph your story in Vegas.   I’ll never forget the belly clutching laughs (mainly thanks to Kent) and the most perfect few days with amazing friends.


Refreshed + Revamped

Welcome to my new website!  I am so so excited to finally go live and share it with you.  The past 9 months I have been working with a wonderful, insanely talented web designer/artist  Aileen Cheng based out of  San Fransisco.  Aileen understood me right from day 1 when we had our first phone call.   She instinctively knew how I wanted my website and  logo to look and feel,  which is a gift in itself considering my “design lingo” ignorance!  Aileen is a dream designer, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to refresh their existing website or design something completely new.  Working on a yacht, I am never in one place for very long,  changing time zones, and at certain points, internet failure!  Aileen stuck with me the whole way, has the patience of a Saint, and delivered something I am ecstatic about!  A huge thank you to you Aileen!

To continue on this high feeling, here are a few images from a recent trip to Africa.  A couple of months ago, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and travel to Botswana and Namibia.  Both of these countries are absolutely stunning, and each offer something so unique and completely different.  To say this was the trip of a lifetime is truly an understatement! I have heard friends say many a time that Africa gets into your blood, well I can vouch for this!  I am already planning another trip back…. (wishful thinking!)  The people, the animals, and the landscapes, the energy, all speak for themselves.  I will leave you with a few images from these breathtaking countries, beware, animal overload!
Photos taken in the Sossusvlei Namib desert, and Okavango Delta + Chobe River Botswana.